Step into a Peaceful Place

Our Building

Upon making the turn from Hwy 285 you will see the building almost immediately on the south side.

Zoom in on the above Google Map, using the plus sign. You will see the Cruz-In and the intersection of Pine Valley Rd and US 285. Peace Hair and Art is located on the same side of US 285 as the Cruz-In, between it and the intersection. This map faces north. Peace Hair and Art Studio is just off of Hwy 285, only a slight distance from the Cruz-In. Easily located on the south side of the highway Peace Hair and Art Studio is there to serve you.

Local's Map

Again, in this drawn map oriented facing south, the proximity to Hwy 285 is evident. By turning left just past the stop light at the junction in Pine you can reach me easily. I am in the first building, before the Cruz-In, if you come through the light heading toward Bailey.