Step Into a Peaceful Place

Peace Hair And Art Studio is a space created by local Bailey, Colorado hairstylist and artist, Sherry Eaton. Sherry is a fourth generation Coloradan whose family homesteaded on the Western Slope. She loves and is inspired by this mountainous land and its fine and hardy people. Folks with kindness, strong ethics, full color lives and personalities-whether they were born here or arrived last week, via destiny. She appreciates that which is imported to this beautiful place, what enhances the gestalt of it.

Welcome to the ShopSherry has over 30 years of hairstyling experience. She has worked with all kinds of hair, clients from all walks and ages. She is adept in all aspects of her craft and she knows the importance of listening.

Now, marry this hairstyling experience with fine art. Throughout her life, Sherry has been an artist. She remembers drawing a big horned sheep at the age of 15 months, and the reaction she received for it. Later in life, she earned a degree in fine art, sculpture and drawing. This knowledge served to enhance her understanding of form and space, the sculptural and geometric qualities of haircutting. As well, she gained a greater understanding of color as a tool for description, whether in hair coloring or in painting.

As an artist, beyond the forum of hairstyling, she works currently with pastels and oils primarily. Her original works are on display at Peace Hair and Art Studio. You may well find her working at her easel between hair appointments. Sherry has specialized in animal portraits, conjuring particular animals to life through her pastels or oil paints. This, along side her more intuitive works, involving animal and human forms, using elements of nature to describe the human experience. She takes on commission work for animal portraits, and pretty much anything else. Come check out her portfolio and imagine what she can do with your hair.